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If you are having difficulty with tiggitMail please review the Frequently Asked Questions, below. Check that you have the latest version of tiggit mail, as the problem you are experiencing may have been reported by others, and may already be fixed. If this does not resolve your problem please email tiggit@tiggit.com with a clear description of the problem you are facing in as much details as possible.

Which models of BlackBerry handhelds does tiggit mail work with ?
tiggit mail should work on all 8xxx series BlackBerry handhelds, Bold and Storm. tiggit supports RIM OS 4.2 and later.
How do I configure tiggit mail, and what do the settings do ?
You can find out how to configure tiggit mail and all of the settings here
I get Error 907 when I try to install tiggit mail over the air, what do I do ?

Firstly check that your browser is a WAP Browser, and also take a look at the install page, there are a number of options.

Often BlackBerry devices have two browser configurations, one is standard and the other is WAP. Vodafone users will find that the WML Browser is called Vodafone Live! To find out how the browsers are configured, go to the handheld settings, and select advanced options -> browser. Check that the Default browser settings and the WAP Browser settings are the same.

I get Error 405 when I try to install tiggit mail over the air, what do I do ?
Take a look at the install page, there are a number of installation options
I have tiggit mail installed and have set up a mailbox, but it does not appear to connect.
The network configurator should configure your mobile network settings for you. Try running it again (from the settings menu). If this does not work, you might need to turn on the tunnel, and you might have the wrong useMDS setting (on the Network Settings Panel). Try changing useMDS, and if this does not work, turn on the tunnel, and then try this with and without useMDS set
How do I get tiggit mail to check for mail periodically ?
You can do this by selecting the autoLoad option on the settings panel. With this selected tiggit mail will check for mail every few minutes. You can define how often tiggit checks for mail by setting the sendReceive period to the number of seconds between checks. 900 is a good value (15 minutes).
Using 'more'

When you have a new email, tiggit mail will download the first part of the message to the handheld. To preserve handheld space and data useage, the entire message is not downloaded. You can select more to tell tiggit to download the full message. tiggit will warn you if the message is unusually large, and refuse to download messages that are just too big.

You can select a number of messages in the inbox to more at the same time, and you can open a message and choose to more with the message open.

Send now and send later
When you want to send a mail you can choose either send now or send later. If you choose send now, then the message is sent immediately. If you have no network coverage, you might choose to send later. In this case the message is stored in the tiggit mail outbox, and will be sent when you navigate to the outbox and select start sending.
tiggit mail often says waiting for session and does not download any mail, what does this mean?
This is a known problem with the current version, and is expected to be resolved in the next release. In the meantime exit the tiggit mail application, and restart. If you have autoLoad selected, tiggit mail will then attempt a connection and download your mail. Do not manually start a download using receive .
I can send messages, but nothing appears to download, what is going on ?
There is a problem in versions 0-1-46, 0-1-47 and version 0-1-48 that affects POP3 downloads, and it appears to the user that it is possible to send messages, but tiggit mail appears unable to download any mesages. This is fixed in version 0-1-49. Users should upgrade to the latest version to resolve this problem.
How do I access my hotmail ?
tiggit mail is unable to provide access to hotmail as Microsoft keep this as a closed service. You might consider using fastmail to collect your email from hotmail, you can then get your email on tiggit from fastmail.
more technical details about how tiggit mail connects to the internet

Most corporate BlackBerry installations are configured so that the BlackBerry devices are virtually connected to an extension to the Corporate network: They are protected from attack from the internet and are logically within the “corporate firewall”. As a result it is not normally possible to directly connect to internet email servers.

Most corporates allow access from the handheld to websites using http. tiggitMail uses a web services proxy (the tunnel) to provide connectivity between the corporate handheld and the internet service providers email servers. This allows tiggitMail to connect through the corporate firewall to pick up and send email.

Connections to the tunnel use secure sockets (SSL) so that messages between the tunnel and the handheld cannot be read as they pass across the mobile phone network and the internet. tiggitMail supports SSL and end-to-end TLS connectivity to the email servers so that your email is secure end to end.

Personal BlackBerry users do not need to use the tunnel to connect to the internet.

Does tiggit mail support international characters ?
tiggit mail is designed to work with most international character sets. It is tested with Cyrilllic and Hebrew.
Why does tiggit mail vibrate even though my profile is set to silent ?
tiggit mail does not currently use BlackBerry profiles to decide how to alert you that a new mail has arrived. This feature has been requested by a number of users.
POP3 Sessions Remain Open
tiggit mail does not explicitly close sessions to mail servers to reduce the overhead in starting a new mail session each time. If you want to access your POP3 mail from a desktop computer whilst tiggit has the session open, you will encounter an error from the POP3 server. tiggit mail has an option to tell it to close sessions once it has finished - closeSession. It is recommended that if you use a POP3 server, you should have this option set.
What do the little ladder icons mean ?
The little shaded boxes (or ladders) indicate how much of the message has been downloaded. An open box means that just the header has been downloaded, a part shaded box means that the message has been pre-loaded and fully shaded means that there is no more to download - i.e. no need to 'more' the message.
Each time I connect I am asked about a certificate. How do I stop this.
You are being asked to confirm the certificate identity because the certificate is not in your trusted list. You can go to options -> certificates and then find the certificate relating to your mail server, then explictly mark this certificate as trusted.











BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail