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This page tells you how to configure the various settings for tiggit mail. The settings can be reached from the main start screen that lists the email boxes you have configured.


When the settings panel opens it will show the General Settings that apply to all mailboxes. From the menu you can switch to the Network Settings that set parameters for accessing the internet, via the mobile phone network. You can also show the settings for each of the mailboxes you have set up. In the example above there are two mailboxes, mac.com and G-mail.

There are also a couple of blog entries that discuss optimising certain settings - this one relates to settings when using WiFi, and this one discusses settings changes for users migrating from version 1.0. These setting details relate to version 1.1.19 of tiggit mail.

General Settings

Here are the general settings that you can configure, and what they do. These are in the order that they appear on the settings panel.

Setting Function Factory Setting
autoLoad Tells tiggit mail to periodically check for new messages from all mailboxes. This setting has immediate effect. selected
sendReceive period

The period at which tiggit mail checks for new messages in seconds. 300 is 5 minutes, 600 is 10 minutes, 1800 is 30 minutes. If IMAP IDLE is selected, then this value is used as the period which tiggit mail checks that an IDLE session is active, and if it does not find one, establishes a new IMAP IDLE session with the server.

Tiggit mail needs to be restarted for this setting to have effect.

headersOnly Tiggit will only download email headers for IMAP servers unselected
defaultMailbox Tells tiggit mail to open the default folder of this mailbox at start up blank
doubleRow Tells tiggit mail to display messages using two lines for each message. It is recommended to restart tiggit mail after changing this setting. selected
timeFormat Choose either 12hr or 24hr time format for the indicated send time on messages within the inbox list. 24hr
smallFontSize sets the font size used for small text messages  
mediumFontSize sets the font size used for medium text messages, such as the status message  
shadingColour A hexadecimal number indicating the background colour to be used to shade alternate rows in the inbox viewer. The number is in the format of RGB - two hex digits for R, two for G, two for B. FFFFFF is white.  

If the handheld mailbox is empty and tiggit mail checks to see if there is new mail, it will check the first <mailboxLines> messages. Subsequent checks will download all messages that are new after the latest message.

This is to prevent tiggit mail using large amounts of data to synchronise the first time it is run.

preloadSize The number of bytes to pre-load when a message is first downloaded from the server 3000
maxBoxSize The maximum number of mail messages to be held on the handheld for anyone mailbox. When this value is reached older messages are discarded. 10
singlePost Tells tiggit mail to use the SMTP helper in the tunnel server and be more efficient in sending messages selected
alertVibrate Tells tiggit mail to vibrate each time a new message is reveived  
alertLED Tells tiggit mail to flash the handheld LED red and green when a new message is received. The LED behaves normally once tiggit mail has been opened. selected
alertUnreadOnly Tells tiggit mail to only create an alert for messages that do not have the READ flag set unselected
subjectAlert creates a special alert when this string is found in the subject of a message. The alert type is set within the BlackBerry profile  
showLinks Tiggit will look for http and mail links within messages and make them active links that can be clicked on to navigate to the link  
renderHTML Tells tiggit mail to attempt to display HTML messages as formatted messages with images. selected
loadHTMLimages Indicates whether tiggit mail should load any images indicated within email messages. selected
showHTMLfirst HTML messages often contain plain text as well as HTML, and this often comes first in the email message. This setting always puts the HTML part of the message first on the screen, and any plain text goes afterwards not selected
HTMLCacheSize HTML webpages generally have links to images. Once images have been downloaded, tiggit mail keeps a copy of the image handy (cached) in case it is needed again. This setting is the maximum size of the store dedicated to these images in KB. 100
warnMessageSize Tiggit mail will warn you if you attempt to download a large message as this may result in large data charges or overload the handheld. Messages with a size above this value will cause tiggit mail to create the warning 51200
maxMessageSize Tiggit mail will not download messages beyond a certain size as this is likely to overload the handheld. This value is the size beyond which tiggit mail will not download the message 5120000
reportMemoryStats This setting is used for memory profiling by the tiggit mail developers and should not normally be set not selected
exitPreference Indicates whether tiggit mail should exit or go to background when the back arrow button is pressed on the mailbox list screen Prompt
deletePreference Indicates whether tiggit mail deletes on the server or handheld by default blank
softDelete Tells tiggit mail not to issue an EXPUNGE command after a mail has been marked DELETED on an IMAP server. This allows the user to review messages that have been deleted by the handheld at a later date. not selected
showDeleted Indicates whether tiggit should show deleted message within the inbox with the caption "will delete on server" not selected
autoUpdate Indicates whether tiggit should check periodically for new versions of tiggit mail. selected
replySignature Indicates whether tiggit mail should add a signature to reply messages selected
announce Suppresses "Sent using tiggit mail" message when sending mail. Only available to fully licensed users. not selected.
sendEncoding Allows the user to indicate the character encoding to use when sending messages UTF-8
diskLog Tells tiggit mail to write it's log file to the SD Card not selected
log Tells tiggit mail to log debug messages not selected
clearErrorLog Indicates whether tiggit mail should clear the BlackBerry error log on start up selected
contactMenu Tells tiggit mail to add itself to the menus of the Contact List selected
useSDCard Tells tiggit mail to store messages on the SD Card if possible. selected
startTime Sets the time at which tiggit mail will automatically start. The time is in the format HH:MM in 24 hour clock  
endTime Sets the time at which tiggit mail will automatically exit. The time is in the format HH:MM in 24 hour clock  
startOnBoot Makes tiggit mail start automatically (in background) when the BlackBerry boots unselected

Mailbox Settings

The mailbox settings are normally set by the add mailbox wizard. You can access them from the settings panels, so here is what the various parameters mean.

Setting Function Factory Setting
mailboxOpen Indicates how tiggit mail should open a mailbox - either to the default folder or the folders view these settings are user specific, so there are no factory settings
userName The display name of the email user - i.e. the ful name of the user that accompanies the email message.
emailAddress The email address of the user associated with this mailbox.
emailPassword The email password for this mailbox
mailServer the internet address of the mail server to be connected to.
mailServerUserId The user id that is used to log into the mail server. If this is blank, the email address is used.
mailServerType This must be POP3 or IMAP depending on the protocol that is supported by the mail server. IMAP is recommended.
mailServerPort The TCP port that is to be used to connect to the IMAP/POP3 server.
mailServerSecure This must say true or false and indicates whether secure sockets (SSL or TLS) should be used to connect to the IMAP/POP3 server.
useTLS Use a TLS connection when establishing a secure connection. mailServerSecure must be selected for TLS. useTLS applies to both IMAP/POP3 connections and SMTP connections.
closeSession Tells tiggit mail to close server sessions when it has finished - otherwise the session is jsut left open until it times out.
reply-to If populated, adds a reply-to field to all outgoing messages from this account
dropCopy Tells tiggit mail to add the drop copy address as a bcc addressee to all outgoing messages
dropCopyAddress The address to which drop copies are sent.
smtpServer The internet address of the SMTP server that is to be used to send mail.
smtpPort The TCP port that is to be used to connect to the SMTP server.
smtpSecure This must say true or false and indicates whether secure sockets should be used to connect to the SMTP server.
smtpUser The user-id that will be used to authenticate with the SMTP server.
smtpPassword The password to be used to login to the SMTP server.
smtpAuthType The authentication type that is to be used when connecting to the SMTP server. Note that challenge authentication (such as CRAM-MD5) cannot be used with singlePost.
smtpDomain The internet domain that is declared to the SMTP server in the EHLO command. By default this is is set to localhost
allowSTARTTLS Allows tiggit mail to use STARTTLS when this is available from an SMTP server
Signature This is not normally set by the add mail box wizard. You can add text here that will be added to the end of any messages that you send. Typically this might be used for a sign-off message


Network Settings

The network settings panel contains a number of technical parameters that tells tiggit mail how to interact with the mobile phone network. Do not change these settings unless you are sure that you know what you are doing. If you do make changes it is recommended to write down the previous setting before making a change.

Setting Function Factory Setting
useWiFi Tells tiggit mail to use a WiFi connection rather than using the mobile data network. Turning this on will cause tiggit to ONLY use a WiFi connection. In the event that there is no WiFi then it will not be possible to connect. Similarly if there no WiFi hardware in the device it will not be possible to connect. false
tunnel Indicates whether tiggit mail should connect to the internet servers via the tunnel webservice proxy. true
tunnelSecure Indicates whether the connection to the tunnel should use secure sockets (SSL). true
tunnelServer The network address of the tunnel server www.tiggit.com
reportDebug A special flag that makes tiggit mail send debug logs to an internet server. Do not enable this unless explicitly asked to do so not selected
tunnelPeriod not used, but please leave as 0 0
useMDS indicates whether the handheld should use the Mobile Data Service (MDS) to connect to the internet. Most corporates and some mobile network providers use MDS. true
useBIS-B indicates whether the handheld should use the BIS-B Transport to connect to the mail server. false
networkString The string of special commands passed to the http library. Only put values in here if you are asked to do so blank
sessionTimeout The length of time before it is assumed that a session is in active and can be reset, in seconds 60
postBlockSize When messages are sent via singlePost they are blocked into messages of the size indicated by this value. Typically http messages are spooled 100% to the MDS and then sent to on to the server. This setting should be set to balance this. 25600
socketBlockSize When messages are sent to the smtp server, data is sent in blocks. This parameter sets the block size that is sent prior to waiting.  
socketBlockWait Sets the wait time, in milliseconds, between sending data blocks via a socket connection.  
installDate The date that the network configurator last ran. Do not change this value. It has nothing to do with the license key.  


BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail