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tiggit mail presents your email in the rich format that your sender intended, including selecting appropriate fonts, bold/italic etc. Messages with embedded images are fully displayed. tiggit mail also allows you to play audio files that are attached to messages. This is particularly helpful for listening to voice mail messages that may be sent by email.

The inbox viewer provides a list of your email messages and allows you to click to select and open any of the messages that have been downloaded. It shows the date, time and size of the message, and whether you have replied or forwarded the message.

Messages are shown in bold if they have not yet been read. If you open a message on tiggit, then the next time mail is synchronised the messages are marked as read on your mailbox and desktop computer. tiggit also highlights urgent and flagged messages within the inbox view.

Messages within the inbox can be sorted in a number of different ways - including the order held on the server, message subject, message sender, and date and time sent. Fast keys allow you to quickly move from one message to the next and delete messages in a single key stroke. When deleting mail, you can decide to either delete just on the handheld, or on the handheld and the server.


You can search the text of messgaes using tiggits find and find again functions.

BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail