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Use tiggit mail to access all your internet email accounts on your personal or corporate BlackBerry® smartphone, without needing to pay higher tariffs.

  • Avoid high tariffs and sign up for a data package only
  • Manage numerous accounts, keep each separate and decide which folders to download
  • Enjoy HTML email properly displayed, with all images downloaded on demand
  • Store your email on the internal SD Media Card increasing mail storage space and flexibility
  • Download attachments from your internet mail and store them on your handheld. Documents To Go users can immediately view power point, excel and word files.
  • Create messages with attachments from your handheld - take a picture with your BlackBerry smartphone and email it right away from your internet mail
  • access your email from WiFi networks, avoiding mobile network charges and enjoying higher performance
  • Add personal mails to your work BlackBerry smartphone - keep them private and maintain the corporate environment

tiggit mail is an IMAP, POP3 and SMTP client for BlackBerry smartphones. It allows access to major internet and email service providers such as AOL, Google Mail, mac.com and Yahoo! mail. tiggit mail is suitable for most BlackBerry smartphones, and works on both corporate and personal devices.

Pocket PEC is a version of tiggit mail specifically designed to work with the Italian Government Secure Email Service - PEC. This mail system will replace the "registered letter" postal service. Pocket PEC allows users to access the PEC network from their BlackBerry smartphone.
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BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail