Tiggit Controller

With Tiggit Controller you can control your music system with your BlackBerry Smart Phone. Tiggit Controller works with iTunes and Sonos.

Tiggit Controller provides all the everyday control functions: play, pause, skip forward, skip back, mute. It allows you to browse and serach your music library, select tracks, albums and playlists. You can select radio stations and control other music services such as Pandora and Napster.

Tiggit Controller is fully integrated with the BlackBerry SmartPhone so that you can use the volume and mute buttons on your phone to control your music system. When the phone rings, Tiggit Controller automatically pauses or mutes the music system for the duration of your call.

Tiggit Controller for iTunes


Tiggit Controller for iTunes works with both PC and Mac, and does not require any software to be installed on your computer: Just pair your BlackBerry with iTunes and then take control.


Tiggit Controller for Sonos


Tiggit Controller for Sonos uses your WiFi network to connect to your Sonos devices. Use Tiggit Controller to link and drop zones, as well as controlling your music library and network music.