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Cannot connect and download mail

One of the most common support problems raised is "I can't connect", or I get an exception when tiggit attempts to connect to the mail server. If for some reason you are unable to to download your email, this page might provide important information that will get you connected.

There are a number of different ways that a BlackBerry can connect to the internet, depending on device type and network carrier. To help automate correct configuration, tiggit mail has the network configurator.This runs automatically the first time that you run tiggit mail.

configurator fails

The network configurator attempts to automatically discover your mobile network details and configure tiggit mail to work on your mobile network. It runs automatically the first time that you run tiggit mail. In some cases it will fail. This page tells you more about how the configurator works and how to solve the problem of the configurator failing.

The most common cause of the network configurator failing is the APN not being set properly.

If the network configurator fails, the first thing to check is the APN setting. You can find this out by going to the Settings application, selecting Advanced Settings and then TCP.

To find out the correct setting for your APN you may need to contact your service provider. The APN you should use may vary depending on the product you have purchased from the network provider.

This (quite old) article on BlackBerry Forums provides details of APN settings for many popular mobile networks.

It is worth understanding the possible configuration settings should settting the APN (see above) not solve your problem. There are three settings that can be configured; use tunnel, use Mobile Data Service, and network parameters.

To understand these settings it is important to understand the infrastructure that is used to deliver data to a BlackBerry handheld.

Some BlackBerry handhelds are directly connected to the internet and can make a connection to internet servers without any supporting infrastructure. In this case useMDS should not be selected.

Some network providers have their BlackBerrys directly connected to the internet, but also provide a Mobile Data Server that makes connecting to the internet more efficient. If a mobile data server (MDS) is available, it is recommended to use the MDS. BlackBerrys can automatically find an MDS if it is available.

Corporate BlackBerrys are typically not connected to the internet, rather they are connected to the corporate network. Most corporate systems have a Mobile Data Server that provides access to web pages, but does not allow direct internet access - for security reasons. In this case, you should select tunnel and useMDS.

There are cases where it may be necessary to select tunnel but not useMDS, maybe.

java.io.IOException: cannot connect to server & java.io.IOException: connection closed

If you see this message it generally means that although tiggit can connect to the internet, it cannot connect to the mail server that you have specified. You can check the details of the mail server settings by selecting Settings from the tiggit mail menu, then pressing the menu button again, and selecting the name of the mailbox that is giving problems. Check the mailServer name, the number for mailServerPort, and confirm whether your mail server requires a secure connection and that the mailServerSecure setting is selected accordingly.

The most common errors here are wrong port numbers, and mailServerSecure being set in-appropriately.

Armed with all this information, if you are still unable to make tiggit mail connect to your mail server then please contact tiggit - tiggit@tiggit.com. If you need to email for assistance, please be sure to include a good description of the problem you have, what you have done so far to resolve it, and what version of tiggit mail you have.



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