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tiggit mail allows you to send and receive attachments of all file types.

When attachments are received with a message, this is shown in the message viewer. You can save any attachment to the internal media (SD) card. For example you might save a word document, and then open it with Documents-to-go, if it is installed on your BlackBerry. tiggit mail attempts to display pictures in line with the message body. tiggit mail also includes a media player that can play audio files, which can be useful to listen to voice mail message sent by email.

Similarly you can attach files to messages sent with tiggit mail. The files can be on the media card or the internal device storage. This can be used to send pictures and videos taken with the BlackBerry camera.


There is no limit to the size of attachments that can be sent and received, but consideration should be given to the performance of the network and the handheld when handling large files.

BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail