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TIGGIT MAIL is specifically designed to work with Army Knowledge Online and to meet all of the requirements of Army Regulation 25.

Army Regulation 25 requires that email credentials are not stored on any device that is not in the control of the government, or the end-user. It also prohibits the use of e-mail consolidators, such as Yahoo!, G-Mail etc.

When configured correctly, Tiggit Mail meets these requirements. Credentials are only stored on the BlackBerry and are not passed to any itermeidary servers. Tiggit Mail makes a secure connection directly to the AKO servers, and only once a secure is made your user name and encoded password is sent to the server to access email.

Sending and receiving your email, using Tiggit Mail, is end-to-end secure. Your credentials are retained only on the BlackBerry, and no intermediate servers are necessary.

Detailed instructions for configuring Tiggit Mail to work with Army Knowledge Online (AKO) can be found here


BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research In Motion Inc. This website is intended to provide guidance as to the general features and capabilities of tiggit mail. Users should take advantage of the free trial period to fully evaluate the software and confirm that it meets all requirements. Certain features mentioned on this website may not work on all models. The information on this website relates to version 1.1 of tiggit mail