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Tiggit Controller Support

Tiggit Controller is a remote control for the Sonos music system, on the BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook Platforms.

Supported Devices

Tiggit Controller is supported on all BlackBerry 10 devices, and BlackBerry PlayBook version 2.0 and later.

Unable to connect to Sonos

This is a very common problem, and is usually fixed by restarting the BlackBerry device by holding down the power button. Should this not resolve the problem it may be resolved by restarting your Wifi router

If this does not resolve the problem, try entering the IP address of one of your Sonos devices, when prompted by Tiggit Controller. You can find the network IP addresses of the Sonos devices using your desktop controller, and selecting "About My Sonos System from the menu.

If you remain unable to connect to your Sonos network, please contact support via the feedback screen. Please also send a log file, by allowing Tiggit Controller to fail to connect, and then touching the Send Log button on the feedback screen.

Music Services

Music Services are an important part of the Sonos proposition, but are complex and can cause problems. This is also an aspect of the Sonos software that changes frequently, and so it is possible that a Sonos upgrade will stop Tiggit Controller from working.

A lot problems are caused by authentication failures. There are three different ways that Tiggit Controller might authenticate with a Music Service.

  • Ask you for username and password
  • Ask the Sonos equipment for your credentials, which means that you don't need to enter your details'
  • DeviceLink Authentication.
  • When you enter your username and password, Tiggit Controller uses these details to create a secure connection to the Music Service provider and downloads media catalogue details, playlists, etc. If your username and password are entered incorrectly, this will fail and may result in a blank screen or a "Nothing Found" message. You may need to reset your credentials. (See below)

    For most services, Tiggit Controller will obtain your credentials from the Sonos system, and use these to create a secure session to the Music Service provider. In some circumstances, you may need to re-authenticate with the Music Service provider, and this will cause Tiggit Controller to fail. You can re-authenticate using the desktop controller. Select Music Services from the menu, and then select re-authenticate from the little cog icon.

    DeviceLink Authentication is a more modern approach that means that your personal details (username and password) are not known to either Tiggit Controller, or Sonos. It also allows you to use your Facebook or other credentials to log into services such as Spotify. The first time you use a service with DeviceLink Authentication, a web browser is launched to allow you to authenticate Tiggit Controller with he service. You will need to enter your user name and password into the mini website, and once you have successfully linked to the service, Tiggit Controller will receive a credentials token that will allow it to access the music service. You should only need to do this once.

    More information on Device Link Authentication can be found here

    Resetting credentials

    Tiggit Controller stores your credentials on the BlackBerry for future use, whether this is a user name and password combination, or a credential token. The stored credentials can be seen on the About screen. If these become out of date, it may be necessary to reset the stored credentials, which can be acheived by touching the Clear Credentials button, on the About screen.