Support Information

Kronos and Kronos Connect has recently been released on Apple Watch, and so we are very interested to hear of experience with the product. If you find a problem, or need asssistance please email tiggit software - kronos @

The latest version of Kronos Connect is 2.0, which adds support for Apple Watch as well as improving the phone user interface, and allows manual configuration of the Sonos connection. If Kronos does not find your Sonos devices, double tap on the Kronos logo, and then enter the IP address of a Sonos device. This version also fixes some crashes when selecting a zone for the second time from the Pebble Watch.

Kronos will now remember the IP address of recent Sonos devices. At start-up Kronos will attempt to connect to each of the remembered devices. You can delete the stored information using the Delete Stored Data button on the About screen.

Under certain circumstances Kronos will display a blank screen for several minutes on start-up. If this happens, please wait, and then move to the About screen and touch the delete data button.

Wifi Router:If the Sonos zones do not appear on your iPhone or Android app, then it is often a good idea to restart your Wifi router, and also your phone. This problem is the most common problem on Android.

iOS Versions. Kronos has been tested on iOS 8.3 and appears to work correctly.

Contact Support: Please do email tiggit @ if you have any problems, especially if the iPhone app crashes. The app will submit a crashlog so that it is possible to see where it crashed, but a bit more information can help understand why it crashed.


Kronos is a controller for the Sonos Music System that runs on your Pebble or Apple Watch

Kronos allows you to select the Sonos Zone to controller, and then see the track or media that is playing. You can use Kronos to skip forward and backwards in the queue, pause and play, and control volume.

Apple Watch

Kronos is now available for Apple Watch and provides all the same functions, and displays album art.

To get Kronos for your Apple Watch, install Kronos Connect, and select Enable on Watch on your iPhone.

Apple Watch is not supported on the Android version.

Kronos Connect

For Kronos to work with your Sonos Music system it requires a connection, through your smart phone to the Sonos environment. Kronos Connect provides this connection. Kronos Connect runs on iPhone and Android, and can be purchased from iTunes or Google Play.